Personal Connection For Dental Practice Success

Dr. Ginger Bratzel discusses how to grow your dental practice by building personal connections.

In the past few weeks, we discussed the ways to grow your practice and how to make things happen  in our 6-part series “Six C’s of Growing Your Business”. And today, we are down to the last “C” in our list, and this is “CONNECTION”.

Connection is building a relationship on a deeper level-even virtually. If you connect with people in your community, they feel understood. You become familiar to them.  And you will increase your know/like/ trust factor.

We live in a relationship based economy now and building connections is very important in growing your dental practice. Businesses that embrace this philosophy tend to grow quicker.

In this video, we cover the importance of the following in achieving your dental practice success.

  1. How to build personal connection
  2. Success is not equal to clinical skill
  3. Connection increases case acceptance


Watch the video for the full details on how to grow your dental practice by having personal connections.

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