Paying It Forward

The power of paying it forward to others in need and how it can not only benefit you, but also your dental practice.

I’m a big believer in you get what you send out.  Which is why I believe paying it forward is very important, not only for the act it’s self but to your wallet, as well.  It impacts far beyond the one person or group you are helping.  It’s like throwing a rock in a still lake as the ripples spread and grow.

While this is something I’ve always believed to be true, I recently met someone who really inspired me.  They do it in such a genuine unique way I had to share it with you.  And what better way to illustrate something than by sharing a story.

Purely by accident I recently ran into a very successful local businessman named ‘DJ.’  We met at a networking event and as we were talking, it was the story he shared about why he was at this particular place that really inspired to pass along his message to you.

You see, every year DJ and a large group of his buddies, fellow colleagues and other successful businessmen, take a trip.  For them, it’s your typical annual guys’ golfing long weekend, which I’m sure a lot of you do, too.  They all take it very seriously, no one ever misses, and they even plan the next year’s trip before leaving the trip they are on.

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They choose a location they’ve never been to and make it happen.  They even take it to next level of fun by always having a theme.  DJ showed me photos of previous trips where they dressed up as semi-professional basketball players, and wore wigs, shorty-shorts, and tube socks to the golf course.  HILARIOUS!

They really make it special and take it above and beyond.  But aside from the fun, there is one tradition they uphold every year that makes this trip very important.

Throughout the weekend they always get to know the locals, and find out where the best ‘hole in the wall’ dive is to have their final breakfast before heading home.  Every town has one and they make a point to visit it.  And while they are eating, they get to know the workers at the restaurant, who’s been there the longest, what’s their back story.  They are doing all this because they are trying to find someone there who is a little down on their luck.

Everyone goes through hard times, and they work hard to find the person who needs a little help.  With that, DJ and the guys will each put at least a $100 bill in an envelope.  Remember there are about 15 plus guys on this trip, so that turns into a good chunk of change.  They find a worthy recipient in the restaurant to give it to based on who the ‘regulars’ think could benefit from a little ‘hand up’.  They finish their meal and hit the road before the person ever even gets this generous gift.  They do it out of pure spirit of paying it forward without even looking for a thank you from the person they just helped.

This story is so amazing to me because each of these guys not only put in some money that turns into a large gift for someone really in need, but they do it just to help someone out.  In the video I share with you how you can tie the paying it forward mentality back to your practice and how helping someone a little can benefit you and your business.


In this video, you’ll learn about:

  • The power of paying it forward
  • How doing good, will come back to you
  • How paying it forward can benefit your dental practice
Please take a few minutes and watch the video above– do it for you and for your practice.
I wish you nothing but success,