Patient Focused Marketing

Importance of Doing a Patient-Focused Marketing to Attract More New Dental Patients and Dismisses Traditional or “Yo Momma” Marketing.

What’s the most popular TV and radio channel in the world?

WIIFM.  Sure you know, their call letters mean “What’s In It For Me. “

Because it’s all about YOU.

As humans, we like things that can give us benefits.

Make us skinner, richer, happier, live easier.

People want to know, “what good things can this bring me” and” Will I get something from it?”

 Of course, our patients are like that too.

People are interested in hearing what your office can do for THEM, not how great you are.

So to ATTRACT them, your marketing has to focus on the benefits TO THEM and be very patient-focused.

It can’t be “Yo-Momma” Marketing.

What is “Yo-Momma” Marketing, you ask?

This is the marketing where it features everything all about doctor; your picture, your initials and degrees after your name, every course you’ve taken, every organization you belong to and all the great things about your office.

The only person impressed by this is… YOUR MOTHER…

So you have to always remember that your dental marketing must be for and about your prospective dental patients. Push it, drive it, focus it to the real reason why you are dental marketing… YOUR PATIENTS.

Make patient-focused marketing to attract more new dental patients.