Passing The Jerk Test

Dr. Ginger Bratzel gets real and talks
about being nice or not.

Everyone always wants to know the secret formula for success. Here’s a reality check. There isn’t one. There isn’t a special program you can buy, or book you can read.

It all boils down to attitude and actions:  whether you are a jerk or not a jerk. If you’re a jerk to your staff, chances are you’re a jerk to your patients too. Here’s the reality, no one wants to be around a jerk and that includes SUCCESS.

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If you don’t hold yourself accountable and walk around thinking that the world owes you something…you’ve got the wrong attitude. Everyone has their own struggles and issues in life. We are all fighting a hard battle, each and every day. Life isn’t gonna reward you for being an a-hole.

There’s no professional growth without personal growth first. You have to put in the work, be willing to change and constantly work on yourself.

Take a few minutes to watch the full video above – do it for you and for your practice.