The Opposite of Loving Your Practice

The Opposite of Loving Your Practice is NOT Hate…It’s Indifference


We all have the patients who love us, pay their bills on time, always smiling when they come in. They will bake us cookies at Christmas and tell everyone at work that they need to come to our office.

Often times, we think that the opposite of the lovers are the haters. The people who are always complaining and constantly tell us what we are doing wrong.

But that’s not true.

Having haters isn’t always a bad thing. Haters give us feedback and opportunities to improve.

The true opposite of the lovers are those that are ‘indifferent.’ They don’t love or hate us. They just take up space. They don’t move forward with their treatment but they just show up to the office for a recare appointment here and there.


They won’t generate referrals for your business.  They aren’t spokespeople for the practice sharing all the reasons why their friends and family need to come to the practice.

Indifferent people also apply to employees, as well. If your employees are indifferent, they won’t be a big promoter for the office. These are people who show up on time, shuffle through the day. They aren’t troublemakers.

But they won’t talk to existing patients about referring and these employees certainly don’t even refer their own friends and family members to the practice.

Now ask yourself…Are YOU indifferent about certain key things in your life?  Am I the issue?

Are you on autopilot and just going through the motions each day and until the day you can retire?

Do you have indifferent team members or patients that you won’t do anything about?

If so, let’s welcome change and fix it. You deserve more. You deserve to see more patients and to share the benefit of your dentistry.

So let’s say goodbye to indifference. Don’t just love the lovers and hate the haters. Start looking at those indifferent people in the middle. They are holding you back, pulling you down. We need to move forward without these people and kick it out.


In this week’s video you’ll learn:

  • The opposite of those who love your practice
  • What does being indifferent mean
  • How to say Goodbye to indifference

Please take a few minutes and watch the video above– do it for you and for your practice.
I wish you nothing but success,