One Type Of Marketing Campaign That Will Always Grab Your Customers’ Attention

One type of marketing your customers will never grow tired of because it is always fresh and new.


There is so much you can say about marketing and its purpose.  But one thing never changes and that’s the primary reason you’re doing it.  It’s to get your business out there and connect with your audience.

But just because marketing is important to you, it isn’t important to your prospect unless you find a way to convey it to them that matters.

I’m going to give you one marketing strategy that will do just that.  It will make your business stand out from the crowd and get the attention of your patients and customers.

It’s event-based marketing.  Meaning you have a time sensitive reason for doing it.

Let’s say for February you run a promotion for that month about how much you love your customers.  You are tying that marketing campaign to something time specific because February has become synonymous with Valentine’s Day and love.  You have a reason you are doing it at that specific time so it resonates with people more.


These types of events are typically very successful because they grab your patient’s interest.  And there are so many holidays you could easily find one to use each month of the year.  But because I always want businesses to stand out, you could go a step further and find unusual holidays.  There is an unusual holiday for every day of the year, anything from National Chocolate Cake Day to National Hug Your Sister day.

Earlier this year I did a fun little promotion with my top tier private clients.  Rubbery Ducky Day is an unusual holiday in January and I sent them a letter with rubber duckies on them.  Why did I choose that day?  Because they all know in our private meetings I give these silly duckies out as prizes during our live meetings.  It’s an ongoing thing; they look forward to what kind of ducks I’m going to have this time.  So it had meaning and value to them.

So what are some fun ways you can tie an event based marketing campaign to something your local area or your existing customers?  In the video I give you a great example used by one of my clients in their own office that always has great success.  And it’s something you could easily use in your own business as well.  Then I want you to get your calendar out, pick a holiday coming up in the next couple of months and start planning something fun to get more customers in your door.


In this video, you’ll learn about:

  • The difference between ad and campaign
  • Which one you should really be focusing on
  • How to build relationships to create life long customers
Please take a few minutes and watch the video above– do it for you and for your practice.
I wish you nothing but success,