Number 1 Asset For Advancement

When you’re building a business or career, there are certain things that stand out.


This one work key trait will determine how successful you will be.

According to a national survey, many Fortune 500 companies agreed that the ability to prioritize is number one thing they look for when it comes to considering new employees, advancements or raises.

They want people who know how to stay focused when things get overwhelming.

This is often overlooked for the actual business owner. When your day is pure chaos, what should you be prioritizing or focusing on to make sure that today is better than tomorrow?

You could check everything off your to-do list, however that doesn’t mean your business will succeed. It doesn’t mean you will be more profitable. In order to push your business forward, you need to deliver more care, get more patients to their appointments and keep your team busy.


Daily priorities are your key money makers, marketing that you need to put in motion now so it will bring you results in the future, and looking toward the future to identify and plan future activities that need time and momentum to get going.

My personal habit is identifying 3 key objectives that I need to focus on that yield results once a week. And then on a daily basis, I am giving this steps for these objectives priority before any other ‘disaster’ that occurs the week. By planning that time out in advance, I identify it and honor it.
I control my week.

I want you to make a list of everything going on it your practice. Put a star by what is really a priority. Ignore the rest and make it happen. That’s your number one asset for advancement.


In this week’s video you’ll learn:

  • The Number 1 Asset for Advancement
  • How to Prioritize and Let go of the Rest

Please take a few minutes and watch the video above– do it for you and for your practice.
I wish you nothing but success,