New Year’s Resolution Marketing


Did you know Janet Jackson got a jump on you already?  

Hold on, more about that in a second…
I just wanted to give you some ideas for marketing in the coming weeks.
2011 is almost done. 
And you need to be looking at 2012 now to make sure you are ready to go at the first opportunity.
Now onto Janet Jackson:  On December 15, Janet made an announcement: she is the new spokeswoman for Nutrisystem, the weight loss company.
Why did Nutrisystem want Janet to represent its brand?
Because she is one of the biggest celebrities around and has been on the news recently from the coverage of her brother's death.
But why announce it right now?

Because January is the most popular month for starting a diet, and Nutrisystem wants to get out there first and jump on its competitors.

It worked. Janet appeared everywhere from "Good Morning America" to USA Today and publications across America.
You might not be in the weight business or looking for press on “Good Morning America ” but you are in the  local, body transformation biz and January is biggest month for this industry.
It doesn’t matter if you are marketing implants, sedation, ortho, cosmetics or general dentistry, people are actively searching for dentists who can help them with their resolutions.
But you have to act fast.
By taking an existing print ad marketing campaign, changing the headline to “New Year- New You” with the sub-headline of “You Deserve to Look and Feel Your Best in 2012 with Your New Dazzling Smile” you have created an instant New Year’s Resolution ad.

Then, all you have to do is add a color photo to the marketing piece of someone smiling who represents your marketing demographics (i.e. smiling seniors for implants or an attractive women for cosmetics) and you are ready to go.
Marketing doesn’t have to be hard.
Make a commitment right now to put together a New Years campaign to be able to launch within the first week of the New Year.
Here’s to your marketing,
Ginger Bratzel DDS