My Practice Is Different

If you’re a specialist in the dental field, this article is just for you.

If you’re a specialist or have a unique practice situation, I’m talking to you directly on this one.

Being a general dentist myself, I often use terms associated with running a general practice. Which leads to specialists or dentists with unusual practice situations reaching out and asking if the marketing and practice growth strategies I share would apply to their specific situation. My objective, no matter what type of practice you have, is to help you to get more patients and fill your schedule.

So I’m here to debunk the myth. It doesn’t matter if you’re an orthodontist, periodontist, boutique practice, or endodontist. I’m going to lay it out and be very forth coming with you – believing your practice is different is killing your growth.

You might have a unique practice, and I’m sure you do, but if you’re not open to hearing other ways of doing things and smart enough to apply them to your situation, you’re only cheating yourself, which I don’t want to happen.


Click on the video image below to watch.

I can speak to this first hand because I apply this mentality in my business as well, when I was in private practice and now running my dental marketing business. While I was searching the globe, finding the best marketing strategies and business growth insights for my practice, I didn’t only look at general dentists that mirrored my own practice. I looked at all types of businesses in retail, corporate, and the service world, because that’s where growth really happens.

Looking at other successful dentists, regardless of specialty, and other successful businesses in general, is where real inspiration and growth is found.

So when it comes to growing your practice, I want you to turn off the ‘I’m different’ mentality and see how everything you come across can be a learning experience and how it can be applied to your business and your needs. Because at the end of the day, regardless of what type of dentist you are, the end goal is still the same: get more patients. And the best part…. none of your competition will have these insights because you are thinking outside the box.

In the video I’ll explain how you can expand your focus by taking the blinders off and setting the stage to truly make yourself different, but for a different reason than you might be thinking now. Plus, I will share with you all the places I gather my insights from, some of it may be quite surprising.


In this video, you’ll learn about:

  • Everything and everyone is a learning experience
  • Where the real growth happens
  • Being different, but not because you’re a specialist
Please take a few minutes and watch the video above– do it for you and for your practice.