Mobile Apps for Dentists

Tips to Know If the Mobile App is Appropriate for Your Dental Office


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I’m getting a lot of calls and emails about all kinds of mobile applications (apps) and if dental offices should be doing them.

So what is  a Mobile App?

Mobile App is like a bookmark on your mobile phone to a piece of useful information that you need on a frequent basis.  Example of this is mobile app for banking which was designed for your convenience so wherever you go you can access it. Mobile apps that you use often for entertainment and games, these are things you find enjoyable so you want an easy access.

These are examples of resources you value and want to use over and over again.

So when we go back to dentistry, will you really need mobile app? Will it be an effective tool? Will your patients use mobile app consistently and frequently?

 For most practices, I would say no, this is not applicable.


This is because your patients aren’t interacting with you that frequently on a consistent basis.  You also have to consider that most of the dental mobile apps these days are just leading them to dental offices’ regular branding/ brochure type websites which is graphically heavy.  These aren’t  mobile friendly because it take so long to upload.

The intent is great but the follow through in the application is not.

So when you think of a mobile app, you have to evaluate your situation first.

Do you really need it?  Is it going to DIRECTLY increase your new patients numbers or grow you practice?

 You have to be sure that it’s not graphically heavy  which makes it slow  to load.

You have to consider if it is really for the patients’ convenience and that they are  going there on a weekly or monthly basis.

For most offices, they would be better served with a mobile squeeze page where patients and prospects can request information of value or download an offer to bring them in via their mobile device.

So before you jump onto mobile apps bandwagon, you should consider why you are doing it and what is the role of the mobile app is.

Look at your phone and look for the mobile apps that you are already personally using and what they provide for you, and that’s what you have to imagine with a dental office mobile app.

Examine first and always think carefully.