Mobile Ads for Dentists

Tips on Using Mobile Ads to Get More Dental Patients


I got a recent question about mobile ads. So today, we’re going to talk about the importance of mobile ads and how it can help you to get more dental patients.

What are mobile ads?

Mobile ads are those ads that pop out on your mobile phones when you use your applications. So when you downloaded a game for free, you look around on the side or on the top of your phone and there is a little banner ad.  That’s the mobile ad.

With mobile ad, you can set up perimeters to who see it like geographically targeting. So if you have a dental practice in New York, you don’t want someone who has a cellphone in L.A. seeing your advertising necessarily, so you can set it up for just your area. Mobile ads let you do that. Your target audience can click that advertisement and they will be directed to your ad or your  mobile optimized squeezed page for more information on your office.

Mobile ads are like pay per click (PPC) or Google ads, if you are familiar with those. The difference is just that it is applicable to mobile devices. So if for example, someone downloaded Pandora for free, there’s mobile ad on it. That’s how they pay for the advertisement and give you free application for your phone.

It is a good tool, a good resource for you and it is quickly becoming more readily available. Although it is not a “cure it all”, not a silver bullet that will not solve all your problems, but it is another tool in your marketing arsenal. So, you should really try mobile ads especially as there is an increase in frequency and they are very affordable right now. This is the trend that will continue and it will only go up from here.

I really hope that you enjoyed that information. If you find that valuable, don’t forget to share it to your friend or colleague.