Mail Marketing Is DEAD!?

by Dr. Ginger Bratzel

 [Mail Marketing Is DEAD!?]

A Journey Into My Marketing Swipe Files

I’m sure you have heard tales.

  • ‘Everything is going online’
  • ‘You can only get new clients through social media’
  • ‘Mail marketing is old news’

Well, I’m here to tell you that is pure 💩.  (Yes, I just used a poop emoji…and I got your attention.)

Mail marketing is alive and well.

Here’s what true:  Good marketing always works.  And if you cut corners, are boring, don’t get their attention, or have nothing of value to offer…you will FAIL!

To get their attention right from the start, here are 4 ways:

  • Use Non white envelope
  • Considering Odd sized envelopes (if you have to use an envelope at all)
  • Many Uses of Personalization Seen From The Outside
  • Clear Call To Action of What You’re Offering (Remember:  marketing is connecting a clear message of  what they need.  Not about how great you are)


Watch the video,  I’m walking you through a successful piece from my personal swipe file on what they did right, and how you can use it as inspiration.

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