Letting Go…To Grow

by Dr. Ginger Bratzel

 [Letting Go…To Grow]


Life is tough.

There is SOOOO much going on in any given day.

  • Life Drama…
  • Marketing…
  • Team Training…
  • Customer Service…

That’s a lot of plates spinning at once.

But to get to the next stage in your development journey most people focus on what MORE do they need. But just like a healthy garden, we need to prune in order to grow.


But just like anything in your life, you only have a limited amount of room or time.  You only have so much mental capacity, you’ll have so much in your heart, your soul that can take in.

And if you just keep bringing stuff in, just like you keep bringing it into your house, without taking anything out, you’re going to explode.

If you’re dedicated to change, you’re dedicated to growth, then you need to free yourself up.  And the first place to prioritize is to make a list of not only what you’re going to do, but also a list of what you’re not going to do anymore.   What you’re going to let go.

So what is that for you?

Is something in your business that you don’t enjoy doing?  (Bookkeeping is the answer for me.) Then that should be the first thing gone.

Is this something that’s not profitable or doesn’t brings in more business? Then let it go.

Is there an employee that’s been holding you back that you know, you need to uplevel your team by letting go of this weak link employee first because you cannot bring in a new superstar until you’ve got room for her?

You’ve got to let them go.

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