Lessons From Disney: Getting Sponsors To Help Attract Patients

Getting sponsors to help attract more patients to your dental practice.

I have another dental marketing tip to share with you this week for my special series as I’m on location a Disneyland and the D23 Expo (Disney’s Official Fan Club Convention). I am an avid fan of Disney for many reasons and one of those is because they do such a great job on the business and marketing side of things.

In addition to the shear time, planning, and money that goes into producing such a convention, they also had many surprise A-list guests and tons of giveaways. I know you have probably attended plenty of conventions yourself and can only imagine the work and cost that goes into producing something like that.

So the marketing strategy I want to point out to you that can be applied in your practice is – they didn’t foot the bill all by themselves to conduct this massive undertaking. They had lots of help from sponsors to help with the cost. Target, American Tourister, HP, and New Balance were just a few of the big name sponsors there.


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It’s about finding another business that you aren’t in competition with, but who also markets to your same audience. American Tourister is a great example of this. People were traveling from all over the world to come to this convention so they were there selling special edition Disney luggage. And they paid big bucks to be able to sell their products at this convention because Disney was bringing in a bunch of raving fans to buy American Tourister’s stuff.   They knew they would sell a lot of their products.This is a great concept you can apply in your office. If you are a general practice who’s target patient is moms and families, try reaching out to hair salons or nail salons in your area to help you host a Ladies Night Party catered towards the moms. This will help you get more patients while someone else is helping you pay for the marketing.This is just one of the examples I give you in my live from Disney video. Take a few minutes to see the other examples I give. Plus watch to the very end to see who my surprise guest in background is. He was in the Macy’s Day parade last year. 🙂

In this video, you’ll learn about:

  • Business lessons from Disney
  • Making connections with other businesses
  • Finding sponsors to help you get more patients
Please take a few minutes and watch the video above– do it for you and for your practice.
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