Lessons From Disney: Doing Regular Monthly Maintenance In Your Dental Practice

First impressions are really important in keeping more patients coming back, a big factor in that is paying attention to minor details.

I’m live on location bringing you a series of business lessons from one of the most successful businesses in the world… Disney.

I am an avid student of Disney. I read every insider book, studied at the Disney Institute, and even been able to visit the secret underground “Utilitor” tunnels underneath the Magic Kingdom.   One of my favorite activities when visiting any of the parks is spying on the operations there.

During an early morning trip to Disneyland, I noticed a worker with his paint kit painting some handrails. Some areas of the park are painted each and every day to keep them pristine because they get a lot of wear.   This reminded me of a famous story from one of the owners of high-end department store, Neiman Marcus. He was taking a private tour of a naval ship and was very impressed with how shiny all the brass, so he asked the captain about how often they have to polish the brass. The captain told him every day, if they don’t polish it every day it gets dull.

That’s some serious attention to detail on something that could easily fall to the wayside. So when you think of something like this in your dental practice, how often are you ‘polishing the brass’ in your office? When was the last time you painted or replaced tattered carpet?


Click on the video image below to watch.

These are details that you may not really notice because you walk through your office a hundred times a day, but when a patient sees the paint chipped on the wall, they see it in a different light than you do. Don’t wait until the paint is half way gone from the wall or you’re tripping over the carpet. Be proactive.It should be on your monthly checklist to run through the office and do regular maintenance. If you’re using the same color on your wall a team member can paint a worn patch in just a few minutes. Get rid of the scuff marks that are probably below your check in window because kids like to kick the wall, look to make sure they aren’t dead bugs in your florescent lighting. Case acceptance doesn’t start with the big fancy piece of equipment you just purchased or the script your treatment coordinator uses. It starts with first impressions and your office appearance does a lot of talking for you. So take Disney lesson and paint your rails.

In this video, you’ll learn about:

  • Minor details go along way
  • Case acceptance starts with first impressions
  • Maintenance should be done every month
Please take a few minutes and watch the video above– do it for you and for your practice.