Lessons For Dental Practices From The Kennedy Barbershop Chain

Dr. Ginger Bratzel talks about how to create a unique experience to draw in your target patients.

I want to share an interesting business model that smart dentists like you can take a look at and adapt for use in your own practice, regardless what type of practice you have.
You see, within every practice, there are untapped opportunities that are missed because most of your daily focus is on just working in the office and nowhere else. All too often in dentistry, we only look within the dental profession to see what everyone else is doing, when in fact, we should be looking at every smart business, regardless of the niche as well.
On a recent trip to Florida, I visited such a business; it was Kennedy’s Barbershop chain. Kennedy’s is a franchise chain owned by a group of guys who I’ve worked with in the past in a business mastermind group.
Kennedy’s offers a unique barbershop experience for guys who want something different. They give everyone an experience, an opportunity to relax. One feature that makes them unique is that they offer beer with your service.    Cheap chains don’t do this, and Kennedy’s doesn’t hide the fact that their target audience is men who are old enough to drink.

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Some other things they do that you can learn from:
  1. They bundle services in different levels of service – You can choose a different level with different price points. In dentistry, we offer just one level and don’t let the patient choose and we don’t bundle services into packages.
  2. Signage on the door– “We fix Bad Haircuts.” That is a powerful statement. In dentistry we might not say “We fix bad dentistry”, but we can certainly say we give patients alternatives.
  3. Lifetime membership – These are sold at a premium pricing and give exclusive access that clients can’t get any other way. Unlimited access. These guys are paying a large amount of money for something they can get for $12 around the corner. But they are drawn in because they are part of an exclusive club.

In this video, you’ll learn about:

  •  Offering a unique experience  
  • Target audience
  • Different service levels
Watch the video for the full details on how Lessons For Dental Practices From The Kennedy Barbershop Chain
can help you build your practice, grow your practice and attract new patients.

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