Knowing Your Marketing Audience

Making sure your marketing matches your target audience, not your logo.

I wanted to give you a ‘how to’ direct dental marketing tip that will easily help you improve your marketing to get more patients to visit your dental practice.

I love sharing the best dental marketing techniques that I can with my fellow dentist to really make your marketing stand out.  So this topic will focus on making your practice more attractive and appealing to your audience so that you get more patients and keep your schedule filled.

A common mistake I often see is when dental offices are too ‘brandy’ with their marketing pieces.  They focus more on matching their marketing piece their logo and colors, then to the audience you are speaking to.  The best results occur when your marketing stands out to the patient.  Marketing is an investment and you don’t want it to go unnoticed.  By using colors and fonts that appeal to your target audience you will get more out of your efforts, as opposed to focusing on your logo.


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A perfect example of this came across my desk recently.  Some of my awesome private clients sent me a beautiful postcard to look over they were sending out.  It was a beautiful piece and I could tell they spent a lot of time on it.  Their target audience was baby boomer women for cosmetics.  But when looking a bit closer the colors looked like it was geared forwards a young child’s birthday party.  So you need to keep in mind who you are trying to attract, and keep that audience very specific.
In this video I run through examples for each demographic and what you should use for each one.  Matching your theme not only applies to age and gender but also ethnicity and nationality.  And once you take these things into consideration when putting together your next marketing piece, your responses will go up considerably.

In this video, you’ll learn about:

  • Your marketing doesn’t have to match your logo
  • Know your target audience when creating a marketing piece
  • Colors and fonts to use and avoid with different demographics
Please take a few minutes and watch the video above– do it for you and for your practice.
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