Magic In Knowing Your Numbers

by Dr. Ginger Bratzel

 [Magic In Knowing Your Numbers]


When you have your numbers down that gives you magical abilities to do more things in your business.

When I’m looking at this, I want to look at certain key numbers.

  • New patients/new clients/ new customers for your service-based business.  We want to know what your average is per month.
  • The average initial visit or purpose size of a new customer.
  • The average value of your new customer/ new patient/ new customer client because that’s going to tell me what I can spend on my marketing budget.
  • Lastly, your total lifetime value of your average patient/customer. (You can break out higher-value customers/patients separately later and do this exercise for just that group to analyze your marketing budget for just this group.)
Based on these number, I can tell very quickly what I can spend in my marketing dollars.

Let me ask you a question. If I gave you $1, and I gave you two back, would you do that? The answer is yes. Because you just doubled your money. That’s a good investment.

So if you spent $1 on marketing, and they came in and you made $2 from it, would you do it? Again, the answer is yes. So that’s when marketing works.

If I gave you $1, and you got $1 back on the initial visit, just the initial visit, would you do that? Again, the answer should be yes, because I broke even on that initial visit. And from there, I can convert them into other needed services that they still need if I have my system down.

Does this seem complex? Does it seem a little crazy?

It can be. I want to give you a quicker way to process this with more detailed help. Let’s talk and I will analyze all this for you.


Go over to and signup for an appointment so we can do a get-acquainted call. And we can talk about all these numbers, we can see what specific for your business. But without knowing your information, you can’t make really good choices. And I want to give you all those resources you can. Run over there, right now as soon, fill that request and send it to me my team and we will contact you and get you on the schedule.

We will get this figured out and talk about your numbers, so your marketing makes sense and you’re improving your conversions.


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