Money Fear and Your Number 1 Investment Opportunity

by Dr. Ginger Bratzel

 [Money Fears and Your Number One Investment Opportunity]

As a business owner, right now in this economy in this situation, it’s a kind of turbulent situation.

I find a lot of fear surrounds spending and confusion of what to invest in and what things to be doing during this time.

Is it an investment that can help you grow? Or is it a cost that you can avoid?

During this whole period, Money hasn’t disappeared.  It’s just changed direction.

The flow is different.   There are businesses that are doing very, very well, right now.  There’s not a lack of money.

So if you’re finding the flow is not coming to you, what is holding it up? Somewhere there is blockage.

When we’re fearful, we suffocate money trying to protect it.  We grasp it with both hands and hold on tight.  But instead we should be treating it like a child that we’re nurturing to grow into this fruitful, productive organism.

If you’re trying to grow your business, you have to be able to release it and let it flow FOR you.

So instead of looking at things as a cost, what about it serving as an investment?

And when we start thinking of it as an investment, which it really is, we have a whole different take on it.  The energy is released making that happen.

When I do this personally, I become my most productive and my best return on investments. Because once I put that into motion, I become accountable.

That’s also what we find when clients invest themselves, too.  They are accountable too, and their results explode.

Because they’re going to get projects done. They don’t view it as a cost anymore and they say, “Hey, I’m going to make it happen and this going to flow back to me.”

Whenever you’re presented with an opportunity to invest in yourself, the answer is always Yes.


So when things are kind of stagnant, like right now, or new situations are coming down the pike, it’s especially hard to be an entrepreneur by yourself.   It’s hard to be a service based business helping others when you need help yourself.

You only have your perspective and you’re looking at things through your own eyes.  So when you get a chance to invest in yourself with someone who’s going to get the most out of you and your investment, you do it.

  • You’re putting skin in the game.
  • You’re going to get help to move you through the situation including the things you don’t know
  • You have somebody filling in those voids and it helps make that happen faster and easier.

That’s where businesses are right now:  between the gap of what you know and what you don’t.  To get over it, you need that bridge, you need someone to help you do it.

When you have an opportunity to invest in yourself, I urge you to have a little talk with yourself and say, “Hey, I’m going to make this happen. I’m going to grow. I’m going to do all I can do even if I don’t understand it all at this moment.”

Questions to ask yourself

  • Living from a fear based or going to faith based life?
  • Abundant thinker?
  • Limited thinker?
  • Investing in yourself and being accountable?
Or you’re going to sit it out and let be a mercy what’s going on around you?

I urge you to invest in yourself. Always take that opportunity.

So that’s your assignment this week.   Open up to your opportunities, make it happen. If someone presents you an opportunity to talk about your business and has that accountability. Take it.


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