Increasing Your Phone Conversion

There are steps to creating a patient for life, it isn’t one giant leap for them.

As I always say, I enjoy all the emails and calls I get from dentists all across the country.  It helps me to tailor my content to make sure I am answering the questions directly from the front lines of dentistry.

This topic sparked from an email I received from a dentist that I thought was a really great question so I wanted to share the answer with everyone:

“Hi Ginger, my single biggest challenging aspect is the interview process to new clients on the phone and converting those calls into excited-ready-to-accept-care new patients.  How do I fix this?”

So the million-dollar question is:  How to get more patients converted over the phone into high quality, patients for life.

While this is a great question, it really is focused at the wrong objectives.  The first step in doing this is you have to break the patient process down, and see it as a set of steps, not just one giant leap.


Click on the video image below to watch.

If you have a brand new prospect calling your office and this is their first true interaction with your office, the sole purpose (and only purpose) of the call should be setting their first appointment.  The goal should not be committing them to becoming a patient for life right then and there.

Start with your marketing, whether that’s through Newspaper ads, Facebook ads, whatever…  The goal of these ads should be to get them on the phone.  Once you get them on the phone, the goal then becomes to get them into your office and in the chair.

At each interaction point of these stages you are planting the seed and reminding them you are a great dentist, with a great team, and a great office.  You have to ‘wow’ them along each step, solidifying you are the right dentist for them.

If you take a few minutes to watch the video I give you a great analogy to help you apply this thinking.  Plus, I give you exact phrasing your team needs to use on the phone to make sure the verbal volleyball always ends in your favor.

In this video, you’ll learn about:

  • The true goal of a patient’s first phone call
  • How to increase your phone conversion
  • The stages of patient conversion
Please take a few minutes and watch the video above– do it for you and for your practice.