Increasing Results with Dental Team Incentives

How to Increase Results with Dental Incentives

One of the previous topics we had before as a dental marketing strategy was the Dental Team Success for More New Patients and we mentioned there something about incentivizing your team members. In this article, we will discuss further how to incentivize your staff in a very fun way.

Well you may be saying you are already paying them well and you had given them a wonderful job. Yes, it’s a wonderful job, but dental team incentives are not just about money but it is sometimes about the game. We all like games. We have them on our phone, we play sports and we play with our kids. It is a little bit about competition.  And we can grow our practice through incentivizing and refreshing our staff with those games.

Even if you have the same team members for a long time who are helping you in your marketing strategies, sometimes you have to do something fun to keep them going. Make a game out of it. The dental team incentive game doesn’t have to be extreme.

One easy incentivization game is a daily draw. It is as easy as setting up what is your daily average production is and add a hundred dollars to it. If the team meets that and increase the production by a hundred dollar because they are all on board and everybody is working then we will have a little draw. We will put it on an envelope or an Easter egg and put it in a basket. Put some envelopes with $10 up to at least $100, so that is part of the competition. There must have enough eggs or envelopes in there. So if you have 5 team members, there must have at least 15 eggs in there. When they draw, of course, someone will get the hundred dollars. And if they hit the goal 3 days in a row then you can raise it by another hundred dollars. Then it goes up and up as the goal is increasing. That way, you can maximize the productivity and grow your practice easily.

You will be surprised how your production will increase through this dental marketing strategy without pushing anyone but making everything fun. You can also incentivize the team by giving them movie tickets, events tickets or gift cards. Make everything fun. Aside from being a good employer, you must give them something that they will look forward to, something  like this dental team incentives. In that way, they will love to work for you more.

Love your staff and make them feel important.