Improving Google Reviews

by Dr. Ginger Bratzel

 [Improving Google Reviews]

Heavy Lifting Testimonials Case Study

If you want to improve your rankings on Google or you want to improve your Google reviews this training today is for you.

If you have a service-based business,  are a health care provider, or are a service provider, Google is your “go to” tool.  This technique is even more powerful than any SEO ranking you could ever do. We want to cover creating heavy lifting Google reviews.

Within your business, you have some star customers/clients/patients who have been there supporting you. And when you get a powerful Google review from one of them, it helps you out tremendously.

So here are the three components of a really good review.

  1. Show life before and after working with you. So what difficulty were they having before, what they went through, and how is their life better on the out at the end.
  2. Be emotion focused. People don’t buy on logic. They buy an emotion and then justify it later on logic, so an emotional review gives you more power.
  3. Brings up common objections others would have. Bringing up questions in the review about cost, time, or discomfort before someone has to ask is a quick way to move the conversation along.


Watch the video, as I take an actual Google review apart and discuss all the key points that you should be focusing on when asking for reviews from your clients or patients.

When you finish watching above, here’s your training for today.

Your assignment:

I want you to go through and identify three common objections you get in your business this week. And then I want you to find three clients or patients that have already gone through that process that had that objection.  These are your best candidates to ask to leave your next Google review.

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