I Get To Be A Proud Momma!

I often talk about my children in my blog posts and on Facebook.

 My children were both at my dental office from the moment they came home from the hospital. I had a nursery in my office and I got proficient at doing endo while rocking a baby seat with my foot.

It was truly a family business. 

Because my children are always around my businesses (both the dental practice and my marketing company), they picked up some solid business principles.

So when my son, Weston, came home from school to say he was going to be in something called the "Invention Convention", he already knew what he was going to do.

"Invention Convention" is like the TV Show "Shark Tank" for kids.  They have to develop a product that solves a problem that could help its users.  What Weston was most excited about (and his mom, as well) was the second stage…developing a marketing plan for your invention with the intention of pitching it to potential investors!!!

He knew what he wanted to do…develop a social and mobile marketing plan to get his product to the masses  He knew what Facebook was and he definitely wanted QR Codes…all ideas from conversations he overhead as I discussed action plans with my clients.

So he set out to accomplish his task.  And he did…in a big way.

He won First Place at the State Invention Convention and along with that honor, a whole long line of list of special treats and special recognition.

He was honored with a Proclamation from the Governor at the Capitol and a guest appearance on a live TV show!  Pretty cool stuff for a 10 year old.  I have had a full time job recently as publicist and chauffeur.  

Below is the link from his TV show appearance.  In case you need any clues, my child is the one cutting up on camera and goofing around.  

That's my boy!

Click this link to watch:  🙂

Weston\'s TV Appearance with His Invention