How To Use Clarity In The Offer To Attract Dental Patients

Dr. Ginger Bratzel talks about The Offer, something that can be used to attract more dental patients for your practice.


Clarity in the offer

We have talked about how all marketing pieces have an offer to pull patients in, and also the importance of thinking about what’s in it for the patient I’ve seen all kinds of offers come across my desk, and I have to commend people who even make an offer because so few actually do. 

Almost all of the time, the offer lacks clarity It’s just a ‘something’, when it needs to be concise and clear to appeal to your ideal, targeted patients for that marketing piece. 

Who is your ideal patient and why would they be interested in your services?  Why do they need you in the first place?  They don’t just need a dentist, because they can go out there and find a dentist anywhere.  If they are comparing apples to apples, and that’s what they’re doing, then they will choose you based on price. 

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You know you’re different than the dentist down the street, you know you’re different from the guy across town, but patients don’t see it that so easily.  So it is necessary to be very targeted on your ideal patients; what would entice them and create the clarity in their offer.

You must have deadlines around the offer and market to match the message.  Is that offer going to be compelling for your target patients?  When you have all of that equaled out, that’s when you will have a great response.  If not, you’re just testing things and throwing things out there; this is where dentists get discouraged and say that marketing doesn’t work.

Be very clear and concise on whom your ideal patient is, why they would be interested in your services, why they need you, and then match the offer to those things precisely.  

In this video, you’ll learn about:
  • The importance of the offer
  • How to entice your targeted patients
  • The role of clarity in your offer
Please take a few minutes and watch the video above– do it for you and for your practice.
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