How To Think Bigger And Act Bigger To Get More Dental Patients

Dr. Ginger Bratzel discusses the concerns that dentists have and how abundance and scarcity mentality can impact the success of their business.

Scarcity and Abundance
Two concepts that can really impact your entire business’ growth are abundance and scarcity.

I get calls and emails from dentists that tell me that their area has so many dentists that they can’t complete right now. Another complaint is that there are no good patients or that there is a shortage of staff to choose from to fill their position. These are just a few concerns from a whole lot more reasons why these dentists aren’t where they want to be.

This is scarcity thinking and it holds you back. It’s the ability to see the opportunities, make corrective action, welcome change, and knowing you are in control of your own destiny that creates success.

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There is no shortage of patients in the world. And it is our responsibility to set ourselves apart from others, be active in getting our marketing message out, and to be patient attractive so that it is easier for patients to choose our office for care. 

There is no shortage of success for anyone who actively takes a role in his or her future.

Go forward by making a list of your current limiting beliefs that are holding you back so you can begin to address how you are going to find the opportunities that are available to you right now-just under your nose.
In this video, you’ll learn about:
  • Concepts that impact your business growth
  • Thinking that holds you back
  • Be active in getting your marketing message out

Watch the video for the full details on how Thinking Bigger And Acting Bigger To Get More Dental Patients can help you build your practice, grow your practice and attract new patients.

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