How To Share Your Business With Young People To Grow Your Dental Practice

Dr. Ginger Bratzel talks about sharing your business with youth to help the community and also provide great role models for the next generation.
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Dentists are wonderful entrepreneurs that offer business resources, invest so much in the education process, and employ people in the community.   It’s not only about helping patients, but also helping your employees and team members, their family members, and the community to create a bigger ripple effect.

This simply is the basis of a great business doing bigger things.  Unfortunately, many kids don’t have a great example of this.  As we’re getting to more of a corporation type of mentality, they’re trained to simply look for a job because they don’t get to see the great entrepreneurial spirit in action. 

Dentistry is a career, it’s a calling, and so I really want to urge you to get more involved in sharing your gift and business with more youth.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be kids, it can be young people from universities.  You can do this by inviting interns to help you.  In turn, that will help your practice as well as them.  A lot of them are looking for job experience, and things for their resume.

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So many people complain about not knowing how to get all their marketing and business affairs done, but why not bring interns in to help?   They won’t know everything in detail, but the experience will expose them to more opportunities.

It can also be very empowering to them to have an opportunity to give more decisions about what’s going on in their life,

because they don’t might not have a lot of positive role models and business owners.  So why not share your gift with them? 


See where you can bring in someone to help you.  It can be a high school student, or a college student that can help with some things in the office, like sterilization.  This was a big issue in some offices where they would fall behind in their schedule; having a great intern in there to help would free up valuable team members who could be treating patients when they could.


When their internship is done, or if they don’t last, there’s always somebody else to fill the spot.  

The more people you share this gift with, the more they can help you with your production and you are helping them by exposing them to opportunity.

In this video, you’ll learn about:
  • Why it’s important to share your business with youth
  • How you can help empower future generations
  • How sharing your business can help your practice

Please take a few minutes and watch the video above– do it for you and for your practice.

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