How To Grow Your Dental Practice With Fresh Eyes

Dr. Bratzel talks about the importance of looking at the situation with fresh eyes.
Fresh Eyes

Too often, you’re so busy in a situation that it’s hard to evaluate it. When we work with one of our clients, we’ll pull the facts out and put it in front of us so that we can look at it from all sides. They are only looking at the situation from one dimension, their direct view. We will walk all the way around the problem and even get on top of the problem to see what it looks like. We literally take the problem out of their heads so that we can look at it at 360 degrees, to help us get fresh eyes for the situation. 

When working with new clients, the first thing we ask them, as part of our survey is what’s working for them right now? We are looking for opportunities that they don’t see because they are so involved with it. Things that were working in the past that may just need to be tweaked, we can then help them build something that is sustainable going forward and help them to propel their growth.

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Oftentimes, I am able to help them find opportunities that they don’t see because they are too close to the situation. They need fresh eyes for the opportunities that are right under their noses. No matter where they look, they can’t see it, even though it’s right there. It’s times like these when fresh eyes are so effective. 

Our strategy sessions are always very empowering and they give our clients the ability to walk away with all the tools that they need.  They then have a plan that they can implement now, what they need to work on throughout the year. 

Take what’s going on in your practice, get very, very clear, and get fresh eyes on it. Put a different pair of glasses on, or a different hat. Don’t look at it from the prospective of the dentist, as the owner, or the practitioner, but rather from the perspective of the patient, a banker looking at your business, or as a future buyer and what they would say about your practice. This will empower you to go forward.
In this video, you’ll learn about:
  • To look at a situation with fresh eyes
  • Strategy sessions and how empowering they can be
  • How different perspectives can help you move forward

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