You Don’t Always Have To Be Right

Dr. Ginger Bratzel talks about knowing the difference in doing business and being right.


This week’s topic came up from an issue I recently had with an investment property I have.  I learned an important lesson while dealing with the situation and I really felt it was important to share it with you.

This property has systems in place so that it usually runs smoothly with little involvement from me.  The piece of property recently had some damage that required quite a bit of repairs, so I had to step in to check on the situation.  Without going into all the dirty details, I was unhappy with how my tenant was managing my property and interacting with me while I was trying to resolve the issues.

I found myself in a situation where I could be right or sit back and do what was right for my business.  This is the lesson I wanted to share with you.


Click on the video image below to watch.

It’s ingrained in us to be right.  No one wants to be wrong but sometimes it’s better to take the high road and maintain the business than to be right.  It isn’t easy, but it’s necessary.  There is a difference from being right and doing the right thing and sometimes that line can get blurred.

That is why I wanted to make this week’s video for you.  Watch and see how I handled a hurdle recently in my life and how you can apply this to running your daily business.  Do I want to be right or do I want to do business?

In this video, you’ll learn about:
  • Being right isn’t always the right thing to do
  • Running a business means you won’t always be right
  • It is sometimes better to take the high road than to prove a point
Please take a few minutes and watch the video above– do it for you and for your practice.