How To Get Over The Fear Of Change In Your Dental Office

Dr. Bratzel talks about the feelings of uncertainty when dealing with change in your practice.

How To Get Over The Fear Of Change
When it comes to making big decisions in your office, it can sometimes be difficult to deal with the feelings of uncertainty that come with these changes, especially when you are trying new things. 

This topic came about directly by a dentist who wanted to be committed to taking his practice to the next level, but wasn’t sure what the next stages were and how to go about it. 

We all know that when we make changes for ourselves and our practices, naturally, there will be feelings of being uncomfortable. What is difficult for the dentist, the owner, the leader of the practice, is when you feel out control in front of your team. You don’t want your team members to see you as weak or have them feel uncomfortable or awkward. 
One of the most powerful ways to lead your team when you’re going through these transitioning processes is to let them know that you are human too. You don’t have all the answers, and it’s okay!

You’re going to work it out together, because you don’t have to know what’s next right now. It’s a process. Be honest and straightforward with them and let them know that, yes you are uncertain, but that’s alright and give them the confidence, and yourself, that you are going to work it out together. You might not have the answers now, but you’ll have them by the time you get done.

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Uncertainty and fear of awkwardness come from lack of information. So the first thing to get over that is to educate yourself. The more good information you have, the better choice you can make. And just like a parent, who needs to be honest and genuine with a child during certain times, as the leader of a practice, you need to also convey that to your team. Let them know that this is uncharted territory, but things are going to be much better when you go through and do all this together as a united unit. This is your power as a leader.

Your assignment is to go through and chart out what changes you are ready to make in your practice, and to get your patient attraction system all in place. Also, get very clear with yourself what things might happen during the process, or what feeling might come up. Get the missing information you need so you can go in there fully prepared.
In this video, you’ll learn about:
  • Overcoming feelings of uncertainty and awkwardness
  • Being honest with your team
  • Getting all the information you need

Please take a few minutes and watch the video above– do it for you and for your practice.

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