How To Fill Your Dental Schedule

We all know that keeping your schedule full is crucial to growing your practice, but how exactly do you keep it productive?


It’s no secret that in order to grow a successful practice, you have to have patients and a productive schedule.  In this case it would be best to make the most out of your time.

However, what does it take to get patients to come in and choose you for their dental care?  We already know you have to match the patients wants and desires but you also have to find ways to make it easy for them to say ‘yes.’  

Getting Started: How To Keep Your Schedule Full To Grow Your Dental Practice


  • Filling Hygiene Schedule To Fill Restorative Schedule

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Just like everything else, in order to get that schedule filled up and to stay that way, you need to put a system in place that runs consistently on a monthly basis.  I experienced a hygiene scheduling dilemma in my practice and created a great solution that not only filled up our hygiene schedule but also gave my team members some great incentives.  Read more…



  • Fill Your Schedule With Uncompleted Treatment Plans


Back in the 1990’s practice management consultants estimated that the average dental office had $1 million to $3 million dollars worth of uncompleted treatment plans sitting in their filing cabinets.  This was 20 years ago, that amount would probably be closer to $10 million dollars in today’s economy.

That’s your money!  From patients you have already invested in to get, created relationships with, and designed a custom plan to get them back to optimal dental health.  Now you just have to take these patients from ‘sitting duck’ status to sitting in your chair.  Read more…


  • Keeping Your Hygiene Department Full and Profitable

This topic isn’t often talked about because it isn’t the ‘hot new thing’ or ‘shiny new object’ but it’s still an important factor in increasing your production putting money in your business’ pocket.

What am I talking about? Hygiene reactivation.

When I bring in a new client it’s one of the first things I look over in their office. It’s a great way to increase your existing patients. Hygiene reactivation can be the fastest path to increase revenue when utilized efficiently- time in and time out.   Read more…



  • Filling Your Dental Schedule Has Gotten Harder…And That’s Good News


I have some good news for you and some bad news. Let’s start with the bad news. Constantly when I’m talking to dentists across the country, we talk about what’s going on in their practice, and what’s not working. They always say, “What I used to do, doesn’t work anymore.”  “It’s getting very hard to get patients.” So many doctors are wondering why old methods just aren’t working anymore and what they need to do. They’re very focused on the HOW step, the WHAT, and the next thing, when they should be focusing on the WHO and the WHY first.

How can we make it work to our benefit when it comes to getting patients when it’s getting harder?  Read more…


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