How To Build Your Practice With Your Exit Strategy In Mind

Dr. Ginger Bratzel talks about the importance of being prepared for when you are ready to leave your practice.

Exit Strategy

When starting a practice, doctors don’t often think about building their practice with the end in mind. After owning a practice for many years, what happens when you are ready to take the next step?

So many doctors contact me to make changes in their practice because they are considering retiring or selling at some point in the future and they want to get their practices ready to do that.

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In reality, you should be in that position from the first day you open your doors. Your practice should never be dependent on you as the profit center. It’s the difference between a company and a business, something I’ve talked about before. 

If designed properly, you could leave the practice today, with no notice, and another owner could be slipped in immediately with no interruption or loss in profits.

Regardless of wherever you are in your practice, this is the time to stop and plan what your practice would need to be doing and be functioning at for someone else to walk in with little effort and take over immediately. Build your practice going forward, with the future owner in mind, because at some point, that’s exactly what you will need to do.
In this video, you’ll learn about:
  • Building a practice with the end in mind
  • A business that isn’t dependent on you
  • Building your practice forward

Watch the video for the full details on how Building Your Practice With Your Exit Strategy In Mind can help you build your practice, grow your practice and attract new patients.

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