Growing Your Practice With Patient-Friendly Hours

Dr. Ginger Bratzel talks about how having hours that are more appealing to potential patients will more effectively draw them into your office.

Traditionally, in dentistry, dental offices are open from 8am to 5pm, four days a week, with Friday off. That model has worked for many years, but how about having a practice that also offers patient-friendly hours?
People have complex schedules now, and they are often already looking for an excuse (even subconsciously) for not coming to the dentist. If they can’t find a time that works for them, then they put it off and don’t schedule, or worse…cancel an appointment last minute that they weren’t really committed to.
By being accessible to their needs, you will align your practice with their tendencies and attract more patients to keep your practice filled.
If your target audience is busy executives, then you have a better opportunity of attracting more of them if you offer early morning hours or late evenings so they can come in before going to the office or after they have finished for the day.

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For attracting children or families, afternoon and early evening appointments are more attractive to this demographic. For certain groups, adding a Friday makes you more attractive. And if you still want to only work 4 days a week with this model, then you close on Monday or one day during the week to allow you that time.
If you have an associate or partner, you should stagger your hours to cover more time slots. One of you can take the earlier schedule one month, and the other can come in later and take the later. Then you can switch.
You can even do this as solo dentists. You don’t have to change all your hours. You can offer alternative times periodically during the month to accommodate your patients.
And the most important thing I see most practices missing even if they do alternative hours, is that they don’t spend enough time and energy marketing themselves to get the word out so people know about this option. 
In this video, you’ll learn about:
  •   Patient-friendly hours
  • Different hours for different patients 
  • Staggering schedules 
Watch the video for the full details on how Growing Your Practice With Patient-Friendly Hours can help you build your practice, grow your practice and attract new patients.

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