Growing Your Practice Through Coaching

How to Grow Your practice More Effectively Through Coaching

Today, here in New Patient Attraction Automation, we are going to go outside the scope of just attracting patients and focus on a bigger game and talk about coaching.

As dentists, we are all experts in our field. It took a long time for us to get there, we have professional clinical skills, but sometimes we need help, we need something outside of what dental school taught us.

With the day to day activities of running the practice as a private practitioner, the bigger picture gets lost.  All high caliber performers and athletes know the value of outside advice and ideas to excel.  For high level dentists, it’s no different to grow our practice and make our lives a lot easier.

But all too often, doctors believe they don’t need coaching and they have many excuses preventing them from investing in mentoring.

Excuses Hold You Back

One excuse that many professionals believe about coaching is that they “can’t afford it.”

 If I told you that I have a suitcase for you right now with $100,000 in it across the country, underneath a chair, with all the documentation saying it’s legitimate, and all you have to do is buy a ticket, get on a plane and go and get it,would you do it? I think, you would.  You would find the money and make the time.

That’s how coaching is. You have to do something, get off your duff and remove all those excuses. You can find the time, you can find the money and you can find the energy to do it because you know what will the result will be.

Get a Mentor

So, I urge you that if you are thinking about mentorship or dental marketing coaching, make an investment, make the time, make the commitment to growth for your office, to yourself and to your family.

It’s Not Only Your Success

There are a lot of people depending on you. Your patients are depending on you to be there and be successful. Your team is relying on you to ensure their employment. And most of all, your family and their livelihood is looking for you to provide assistance and care for them. So if you think that you don’t have the time or energy, the resources or money for coaching, think about it from the perspective of what opportunities are waiting for you right under your nose. 

If you are ready to join our dental marketing coaching program with other successful doctors to increase your patient attraction….on auto-pilot, we invite you to contact us to find out more.  I love working with high caliber, motivated dentists and would be so excited to have you join us so you can get private coaching access to help you enjoy your practice more and have more financial success.  Just email us at and we will be so glad to talk to you about that opportunity if this sounds just right for you.