Grow Your Dental Practice By Attending Live Events

Dr. Ginger Bratzel talks about what to do and how to be prepared when attending live events that benefit your practice.

We all know the importance of attending live dental events and trainings as part of our continuing education, but it is also important to have a plan going into the event so you are sure to get the most out of your experience.
The most important investment you can make is in yourself.

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So to get the most out of any live training event (either dental continuing education or practice development), I want to offer you a checklist to make sure you get the most out of your time and your investment.
  1. Always come prepared– make sure you are ready with the course objectives so you know what is being covered, make notes of what you want to get out of this event, and set clear expectations for yourself and with any team members who are also attending so they know what to expect.
  2. Take it seriously– you are taking time away from your work and personal life, don’t waste it. It’s okay to have some fun, but not at the expense of the event. Don’t confuse a vacation with a learning opportunity away from the office.
  3. Schedule time before you leave to come back and go through all the material and plan what you are going to do with it. If you don’t make time, you won’t find time later and you will lose all the momentum you received from attending the event.
  4. Keep a separate piece of paper out from your notes and call it your “AHA sheet.” And on this paper, write down the things that really got your attention and that you want to implement with reference of where to find them in your regular notes for quick reference later. Then those things that will make the biggest impact won’t get buried away, never to be seen again.
Follow these tips on your next learning opportunity to get more out of your learning opportunities.
In this video, you’ll learn about:
  •  Investing in yourself
  • Being prepared
  • Taking notes 

Watch the video for the full details on how Grow Your Dental Practice By Attending Live Events can help you build your practice, grow your practice and attract new patients.

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