Gold Metal Results for Your Dental Practice Means Gold Metal Effort

Dr. Ginger Bratzel shows the link between efforts and results in your dental marketing.

Everyone was so excited and hooked on the results of the recent Olympic Games. Movie attendance declined that month as more people stayed home to see how their country was performing.  

During that month, one of the most searched phrases in relationship to the Olympics was the total metal count tally.

While most people were focused on the results (the gold metals) few people were following along over the course of the 4 years in preparation for the Olympics to understand what went into ‘getting them there.’ 

What’s really going on behind the scenes to get someone to the gold medal podium?

Just like an Olympics athlete,  you also have to do certain things to get the results that you desire in your practice.   If you want to celebrate your success down the road you have to do the work now. To get good results, you have to invest quality time in your practice. There are no shortcuts, no quick fixes, no magic bullets for this. You have to do a certain amount of work to even begin to expect results.

And marketing and patient attraction is part of your practice’s workout routine to get results.  Yet many doctors feel that marketing is a waste of time.


Because they always want the shortcut. When you focus only on the winning moment like it’s played out on your TV, you neglect the work that is necessary to get you there.

 Marketing and patient attraction are two things  that must go on every day in your practice in some capacity to get results. You need to be investing in it all along.

Marketing is ongoing just like Olympic training.

You must prepare for your success. You must have continuous training for your team, maintain and follow your systems, and plan it out on your calendar.

And just like an athlete, you have to practice the routine over and over and expect that you will make mistakes sometimes. Expect it. But just like the athletes, get up, learn from it, course correct, and go on!

 Don’t just give up. If something is not working, don’t scrap everything. Analyze what’s going on. Check the details of your marketing, like timing, placement, and target audience. Get back on the floor and work on it again.

You’ll never get results on things you don’t do. Big results means big effort.

So if you really want true success and if you want a gold-medal-caliber practice, you have to be investing on your marketing and you have to do it in a consistent basis. Promise that you  will keep doing it because, I’ll say it again, you don’t get results from things you don’t do..


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