Getting The Most Out Of Your Marketing Piece

The most important part of a marketing piece and how most offices are losing their patients because of it.

Whenever I bring in a new private client I believe they come into it with an idea of what we will work on but in reality there are many areas of focus.   With each client, no matter what their specific area of concern, there are three major factors we always dive into right away.

Management is the first step we work on, finding strategies for time management, managing your team, and your systems.  We also look at mindset, we work on expanding your mind to bigger thinking to match the advancements you are doing in your business.

While these two are very important the third element is the one that typically gets dentists to reach out to me in the first place and that is marketing.  They think this is the area they simply need a magic bullet to solve all of their practice’s problems.


But when I am working with them on marketing we really have to rethink the purpose of it.  They usually have some pre-conceived idea of what it means and what they should be doing.  I can easily tell you marketing isn’t about promoting the doctor or the practice.

Its primary focus is to grab the patient’s attention.

Your marketing is the first bridge to being the problem solver for your patients.

So, when you are creating a marketing piece the biggest font and eye grabbing item on the piece is the headline.  Whether you’re doing a newspaper ad, a billboard, or a Facebook ad the headline needs to be the biggest area on your piece.

Because this is the first thing prospects are going to see and they will instantly determine if they need to continue reading further.  Unfortunately for most practices they think this space is used for their name.  So you are losing the patient before you even get their attention because they aren’t resonating with that.

Your headline is very powerful.  It can make or break a marketing piece.  You could have the most beautiful billboard but if the headline doesn’t do its job all your hard work and money was for nothing.  In the video I explain what the headline should be and how to become an expert at creating them.  It doesn’t take a whole lot of time but the results will be exponential.


In this video, you’ll learn about:

  • Three components to growth
  • The most important part of a marketing piece
  • How to create eye grabbing headlines
Please take a few minutes and watch the video above– do it for you and for your practice.
I wish you nothing but success,