Getting Patients’ Attention

Dr. Ginger Bratzel talks about getting patients’ attention by offering them things that have a high value to them in order for them to take action She discussed the 3 types of offers, how to use them, and the pros and cons of each.

How to get people’s attention?

Of course, a very good strategy to catch their attention is to give them an offer. So what offer can really would grab them and make them take notice?

Offers need to be focused on “them” and not on you or your services.  Here’s some great offer types that patients would appreciate.

1.     Information 

How important is information to them? The quick answer is very important. For example, if there is someone suffering with a  loose fitting denture, then, of course they will want to find out how to stop that problem. So you should have something that can answer their questions immediately and solve their problem. Use this to get their attention on a marketing piece or a mobile website.  Then have an optin form where they can sign up and get access to that information or  a video about their problem. You can also use testimonials from someone who had experienced a similar dental problems that will inspire your prospective patients. Give your target patients good information that will truly educate them and move them to take action.

 2.     Discount on Services 

This offer could be for a certain percentage off or it might be a free service. But you put these types of offers out to get people’s attention. Note, you are giving an ‘offer’ not a ‘coupon’.  You could discount procedures, like dental examination for new patient attraction. Discount should have value to your prospect, not just to you. According to surveys, discount on x-rays has little response rate because patients do not value x-rays that much because they don’t want it. So giving something to prospects that they don’t value doesn’t makes sense. 

3.     Added Value Services 

Of all the offers, this one is my favorite. This is where you just give them something extra that has value to them that will be added to the service they are having performed. So if they come like for example for hygiene, then you will add something like free whitening. Give something that will give them a feeling that they are a valued patient. Add a free service to them.


So start testing offers, NOW and you’ll surely get the patients ATTENTION!

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