Getting Out of Your Own Comfort Zone to Grow

What Separates Those Who Get Results From Those Who Just Wish For Them



Life is hard. Business is hard. Getting traction is hard. But here’s the deal, being hard is just the price you have to pay to avoid a mediocre life and practice.

Hard deters the uncommitted. You have your comfort zone and just beyond that is where things happen. Where do you want to be?

I recently attended a conference and had a chance to hear Rachel Hollis speak. Rachel is best known for the book “Girl, Wash Your Face’. She comes out, music playing, people jumping up and down, and getting excited.

Click on the video image below to watch.

Now at this point, there are two kinds of people…those who are jumping up and down, dancing their hearts out, don’t care who is watching…or there are people like me. We’re tired at this point, we don’t really want to dance. You find yourself looking around at everyone dancing and tell yourself “I am NOT doing that”.

Okay, here’s the big lesson!

Rachel goes on to say, “ If you can’t be uncomfortable for 30 seconds in a safe environment doing something that easy, how are you going to be uncomfortable enough in order to take the next big step in your life, in your business. You need to be comfortable with being uncomfortable.”

Change is hard. But you can’t grow without pushing the boundaries, pushing past your comfort zone.

Watch the whole video to get pumped up and get moving in your practice.