Getting New Dental Patients with Mobile Search

Tips on Getting More Dental Patients with Mobile Search


I got a very interesting question today about Mobile Search.

Is mobile search important?

For this topic, it is important to know what Local Search Engine Optimization (LSEO) is first.

Local Search Engine Optimization is where you make yourself visible to internet searches in your area. So if you are practicing in a certain city, you have to make sure that you are coming up in main search engines like Google, Bing, or Yahoo for keywords and phrases for your area.

Now, Mobile search is when people search from their mobile device, cell phone or tablet (IPad, Kindle Fire etc.) under those same keywords.

Why is Mobile Search Important?

More Internet Connections to Mobile Devices

According to statistics, compared to just 18 months ago, the amount of people having mobile devices with internet connection capabilities was about 25 percent. But now, it  has increased to over 45 percent. Currently, there are more internet connections being hooked up to mobile devices, like smartphones, tablets, androids, kindle fires, and iPads than desktop computers.

Mobile devices are really powerful. So that is why mobile search is so vital.

Mobile Users are More Likely to Buy

Another thing, according to research, people using mobile devices are more likely to buy. So who do you want to target? Are you targeting people who are just looking or do you want the people who have a higher tendency to buy?

Of course, you want people who are more interested to buy, right?

So that’s what mobile marketing can provide you. Paying attention to make sure you are mobile optimization for all the things on your site and your squeeze pages for your area.

Quick Tips to Help With Your Mobile Search Optimization

The keyword for your area like your town’s name is important. But also make sure that you are highlighting the keyword for your niche, like implant dentist, or a cosmetic dentist in all your articles and information on your site. Those areas can pop up and can get a higher attraction for your target niche patients.

Another piece of advice that is so important for you is to spend some energy to be mobile friendly. If you are mobile friendly on the desktop and local search engines, Google, Bing and Yahoo will really pay attention to it, making it easy for people to search for you in their mobile devices.

As things get more competitive in mobile, it is important to make a stronghold now and get your foot in the door because you will have a harder time to do this later. 

Mobile search will be so huge this year. Very huge…  So you have to act NOW.