Getting New Dental Patients With Irresistible Offers

Tips on Getting More Dental Patients with Irresistible Offers


The most effective way (and really the ONLY way) to get new dental patients’ attention is to give them something they want!

 It is something they value.

In marketing, we call that  an irresistible offer.  Offer something that will draw your prospects in.

Yes, you are a wonderful dentist, you have a great staff, you have an extensive training and you have wonderful equipment, but these are not the only things important to the patient.

Patients hope and assume that you meet all these criteria. While we as experts know that not every dentist is the same, but for a lot of patients, every dentist LOOKS just the same on the surface.

 To make sure that patients can differentiate you from others and find your unique proposition compared to other dentists,  draw them in by offering something that is “Patient Focused” and is tailored to them.  When a someone accepts your offer, they are compelled to repay your gift.

According to Persuasion and Influence Expert, Robert Cialdini PhD. "One of the most potent of the weapons of influence around us is the rule for reciprocation. The rule says that we should try to repay, in kind, what another person has provided us."

In order to do this, you must extend to them an offer that will  be compelling to them. You need to be specific in your offer to your targeted patients, focus on the demographics and psychographics of the group.  Have your offer be specific to the treatment that you are trying to bring them in. For example if you want to offer a free whitening, that might not be a good match and draw to many targeted implant patients because a lot of them have dentures. It is not logical.

So make sure that your offer is consistent across the board and it applies to you target niche and to your practice.

It is also good to do a little brainstorming with your team and see what offer you can bring in your target patient.

This is an area that we work extensively with our clients and we try to identify for them. As part of our New Patient Attraction Automation ™ system, we identify what is going to be appropriate for your niche, your area, and to your target audience by demographics and psychographics to help you get more new patients!