Get More New Patients by Being a New Patient

Tips on How to Get More New Patients by Being a New Patient

Today, I want to talk to you about one of the best ways you can improve your practice. And it is very important not only for you but also for your dental health.

When I want you to do is to become the dental patient. We’re so busy taking care of others, sometimes we’re not so great at taking care of ourselves. So I want you to become the patient. But I want you to become a patient in somebody else’s office.

So go to colleague that you trust, a friend, a family member that is in the dental profession and I want you to go through “the true new patient experience” in their office, and in exchange, have them do the same thing in your office.

So you’re going to come in through the front door just like a new patient. You’re going to fill out new patient paperwork just like a new patient. Go through all the steps. Don’t get the VIP, skip steps process. But I want you to go through the real experience.

What you’re going to do in exchange for your friend is the same thing for him in your office. After you are done, you will go through and make a list of the things that they are doing really well in their office and compliment them on it. And you are going to be honest with each other and look for things you both could be doing to improve the new patient experience also.

Anything you saw that was working very effectively in their office, you’re going to take back, steal and implement that in your office. That’s part of the exchange.

I just went through this experience myself recently. I had to get a crown redone. So I came through as a new patient and I didn’t go through the backdoor. I went through the front door and had the whole experience – nothing held back.

I got the reminder calls, new patient packets… everything. And there’s some valuable information I found very important that I could take back and apply to my own office. The visit was wonderful. And at the same time, I had a great time, had a crowned redone, and learned something.

“My dentist” shared some new materials that he was using in his office that I hadn’t used in my office. That kind insight is valuable. And as “the patient” that day, I was observing how he lean me back in the chair when the light would hit my face. It was shining on my eyes even though he was very conscientious about not doing it.

Here’s just one little tidbit that came out of the appointment that I shared with him. In my office, we used shaded safety glasses for the patients, because I don’t like debris or the light in my face so I want the same for my patient. This was something we did and took for granted because it was just the way we always done it, but he got value out of it because of the experience.

As you go through this exercise, each of you makes a report, “this is what I liked about your office, this is some things that I can help you improve on”, and at the same time, you’re getting great dental care. Agree to swap services as a learning exercise. This is one of the most valuable, cheapest marketing tools that you can use in your practice as you share this with a friend or colleague…

Do what you’re asking your patients to do by “walking to walk” and “talking to talk”.