Focus For Your Cosmetic Practice

Where should you be spending your time and attention in your dental practice that will directly control your level of results?

I was recently cleaning out my personal home office, the place where I create most of my dental marketing campaigns for clients as well as myself, do my phone consultation, and plan.  I have an extensive ‘swipe file’ of marketing pieces, campaigns, ideas, and general inspiration material to give me a head start when I go to create a marketing piece for a cosmetic dentist or cosmetic surgeon.  These pieces are my originals as well as many from other niches and medias that I feel have interesting components that will work will for future campaigns.

Over the years, the swipe file has grown from a single file cabinet to a bookshelf to now a full room of information.  While that might seem substantial, it reinforced that more is not always better.

In our own cosmetic practices, we get bogged down with the ‘urgencies’, the situations that appear and we resolve now because they are in our face, instead of priorities, which lead us to our daily, monthly and yearly goals.

It is so easy to get distracted by the clutter in our lives and derailed from our meat of the matter.

Looking back at my swipe files, slowly over time I had built a collection of minor importance stuff that was hiding my true ‘golden’ content.  So when I went to look for inspiration or to quickly start working on a project, the shear clutter bogged me down.

By spending time to work on cleaning out those files, I not only created more physical space, I also created mental space for creativity and quick action. 

Evaluate the ‘clutter’ in your own cosmetic practice. 

  • ·      Are you spending time in relationships with patients or team members that aren’t productive? 
  • ·      Are you doing procedures that you don’t enjoy or aren’t profitable to the practice? 
  • ·      Are you sitting in an office of journal that are reminding you to read them but just haven’t had time to, only filling your head with guilt?

Give yourself permission to “clean house” and unload what isn’t working right now for you and your cosmetic practice!  Free yourself of the extra weight that is slowing you down.

As I cleaned out my cosmetic marketing swipe files, I was reminded of an old episode of “Seinfeld” where the character of Elaine had found out her favorite birth control was being discontinued.  She only had a limited stock of it on hand and she started to revaluate who she dated and how she lived her life.  If she determined that the guy she was dating wasn’t ‘worthy’ of using her limited supply of birth control on, she didn’t continue the relationship.

As I opened every file, I looked at it if it was ‘worthy’ to be kept and take up space and attention in my ‘mental swipe file’.

While that was a weird and awkward  “Seinfeld” episode, it drives home the point: “There’s only so much of anything to go around so don’t waste your resources.”

So in your case for your cosmetic practice, that resource is you, don’t waste it with things that are taking up space with no reward.

 Stop doing procedures or office tasks in your cosmetic practice that aren’t getting you to the next level.  Re-evaluate team members’ roles and see if they are still the right person for that position and in your practice.  If a patient is driving you nuts and not serving the mission of the practice, do them and you a favor, refer them out to someone else.

And take these principles to your personal life, it will free you mind and soul.  You will unlock your full potential!