Go With The Flow

by Dr. Ginger Bratzel

 [Go With the Flow]


This week I’m dropping in to talk about resistance and flow.

Creating Illusions

One of my favorite attractions at Disney is the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. For those who aren’t familiar with it, it’s a boat ride. And in the beginning, you drop down, and then meander through all the action below ground level.

 But to get you back to the entrance to the ride, you have to go back uphill. The Disney Imagineers know how to create the Disney magic. And at one point, they make it appear that the water is flowing uphill to get you into the spot you need to go.

That’s an illusion. It’s good for an amusement park attraction, but it’s something naturally occurring in the real world. Water takes the path of least resistance. And when we try to fight against that natural law of flow, it creates turbulence, it creates friction, it creates hardship.

Many things in business are related to flow. When we violate the natural law of flow, we create resistance for ourselves, it makes it harder to achieve our goals. And most importantly, it’s harder for our customers, our clients, or our patients to do business with us.

It creates an instant roadblock.

As you might know, I come from a background of dentistry for many years. We trained on creating flow within the entire patient experience and it made for tremendous results.   And we have found that those same principles translate to other service-based businesses, too.

If you’re in a service-based business, you’re in the business of helping people. So if we create resistance (even unintentionally), it’s harder for them to do business with us.  So when they decide to call, click, go to your website, or fill something out and come in for services, we have to maintain that flow.

Now just like a river, we can make smooth diversions here and there as you need to, to create a new path to guide the direction but still work within the laws of flow. But if we’re damming things up and forcing things so the energy is in the opposite direction, it’s just not going to work.

  1. So if you’re struggling to get people to say yes to your services,
  2. if you’re have struggled to get the phone to ring,
  3. if you have struggled in your own life or the way you do things,
then we’ve got a flow issue.

So the point is to sit back and evaluate your flow and remove the obstacles. When we work with a new private client, we look at that business’ flow, we see what’s going well for them, and what their clients are interested in. We see where we can match that up and we will help that water flow even easier.

So we might crank it up on one area. We might put some jets on it if we find an issue, or we might remove some barriers.

I welcome you to book a complimentary get acquainted call with me so we can talk about the flow of your office with one of me or one of my coaches to discuss what things you can do to improve that flow in your office and making that happen.

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