by Dr. Ginger Bratzel

 [Fixer-Upper Dental Practice Horror Stories]

I got asked this week a question about my early entry into my practice.

And so if you don’t know my story, I bought a failing practice in my hometown with every intention of fixing it up. I knew that going in I knew had some issues.  But some of the issues were so ridiculous that they’re almost humorous to talk about now.

Everything in the office was still on paper:  paper charts, paper schedules, paper Ledgers.

When I was looking at the schedule, blocking it for productivity, I noticed 2 pm to 4 pm was marked out every day in Sharpie.  You couldn’t even write somebody.

“What is this?”

And they said, “Oh, that’s happy hour.”

If you don’t know the story about happy hour, Sonic Drive-In, is a national fast-food chain that has a marketing promotion for their dead time called ‘Happy Hour’ from 2-4 pm where you get half-price drinks.

But as great as that was for Sonic, that was not good for this business which is now MY business because they were shutting down and would not see patients so somebody could save $1 Coke. 

This was happening EVERY DAY.

I told them that behavior was going to stop immediately.  And they really thought I was kidding. They thought I was talking Greek to them.

This lesson might be humorous. It might be unbelievable.  It was a nightmare for me.

I had management issues and I needed a mindset solution to get this team focused on what our mission was for being there. 

Unfortunately, every person and every business has metaphorical ‘happy hour’ blockages in place that are holding you back.  There are behaviors and accommodations that are occurring that are not in the best interest of your success path.  There are limited thinking concepts and paralysis by analysis that are brick walls keeping you from your full potential.

There are investments in yourself and your practice that give a high ROI by working with a coach that you’re not making. 

Give yourself permission to say ‘YES’ to take those steps. 


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