Finding Thousands Of Your Ideal Patients

Find out where your ideal patient is already hanging out.

Walking the floor at a recent dental convention, I was sparked with some inspiration and wanted to share my insight with you.  So we grabbed my camera and set up (right there on the meeting floor!) and hit record.  Think of it as a ‘field trip’ day.

While making my way around the floor at the Hinman Dental Convention in Atlanta, GA I noticed something. Among all of the standard shiny new dental equipment for sale there were several booths for ‘non-dental’ items, like: vacation packages, hand lotion, and of all things…. jewelry.  And to beat it all, these booths were more slammed than all the others.

I heard a couple of people making comments about why these’non-dental’ people would be at a dental convention?  And I just snickered to myself, because these ‘non-conventional’ people are really onto something…


Click on the video image below to watch.

These merchants know they are coming to a location with thousands of similar niche people, and typically with discretionary income.  Dr. Smiles can probably afford a (and deserves) vacation so why not put yourself in the middle of thousands of Dr. Smiles if you just happen to be a travel agent?

Who comes to a lot of these dental conventions with the doctor?  The spouse (usually the wife).  She knows her husband is spending money on a new bright and shiny toy, and she wants to buy herself something since he got something…so there’s her jewelry.  Viola.

I want you to apply those strategies when finding your patients.  If your niche patient is older and you’re doing a lot of dentures and implant procedures find a location they would congregate to.  It’s about making yourself present where they already are.

In this video, you’ll learn about:

  • Dental Conventions aren’t the only conventions
  • Finding where large groups of your ideal patient already hanging out
  • Being present with your niche patient
Please take a few minutes and watch the video above– do it for you and for your practice.