Finding More of Your Ideal Customer

by Dr. Ginger Bratzel

 [Finding More of Your Ideal Customer]


I’m dropping in to talk about ideal customers. So who is your ideal customer, your ideal patient, or ideal client, whatever you call them for your industry?

Do you REALLY know who they are?

You want to be able to serve them better and help your business grow. And in that decision making, you want to find your ideal customer.

If we ran into each other at a conference, or we were talking on social media, and we’re talking about your ideal customer in the course of the conversation, the first thing most people will give me, is there pie in the sky target customer in a ‘perfect world sprinkled with lots of fairy dust.’

But is it realistic?

If you told me, “I want Oprah Winfrey to be my customer”, but you’re never going to be in the same place as Oprah, and she’s not in your industry; you’re not going to cross paths. I commend you for dreaming big, but is she truly going to be your ideal customer? And then how many Oprah Winfrey’s are there in the world to sustain the life of your business?

Honestly, there’s only one of her and you need more than that for your business.

That’s not a realistic approach. And so when people talk about ideal customers, they will pick from the outside of a realistic realm.

When in fact, the best way to find your ideal customer is to see who you’re already serving at set periods of time and look at the data there.

We always go back and look at the numbers. I want to see what’s going on in your business. And right now businesses are changing so rapidly because consumer behavior is in a changing environment that is affecting how we all act. All our value systems are changing, because we’re in an economic shift period.

It’s really relevant to look at chunks of that data as we go through this progression.
  1. So who’s your ideal customer at each of these periods?
  2. Where is the income coming during those times?
  3. Who’s coming in more frequently, or have a higher transaction value?
  4. Or are they a one-time customer?  Is that sustainable?

For my own businesses every year, we usually go back 12 months as the first standing point.  But then we dive in deeper, especially during economic fluctuation times. 12 months ago my customer is not necessarily my customer now.

Even if they have been with me for 12 months, they’re not the same people. Life has changed and so has their values, behaviors, and beliefs.

Over the course of current events, there have been different trends.  The customer make-up has changed about 4-9 months ago and the current 0-3 month customer base is also different

So we go through and pull my data and see those people at each of those intervals to see if I need to change my services a little bit and tweak my business.   Do I need to reach out to them and make a personal follow-up? I’m also looking at them to see if they’re a good referral source.

Your assignment to discover everything about your best customer is:

 Pull your data for three time periods: zero to three months, four to nine, and then 12 months back,

And I want to go through that data to note what things they have in common and what makes them different.

This is one of the ways we help clients to go through their data, identify trends, and build a plan to get them from HERE to where they want to be.  We leverage their businesses with what’s working and build traction.

If this resonates with you, I’m ready to get started on that process.

Reach out to me here, drop us an email at, or message me on social media. We will set up a time for a strategy session and see where your ideal customer is and how to get you where you want to be in the next 6-12 months from now to carry you on for years because you’ll have the systems to do the heavy lifting. I urge you to do that. It’s a new year.

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