Excuses are Easier Than Action



I was ‘visiting’ with my extended family the other day when one of the teenagers in the family demanded it was her parents’ RESPONSIBILITY to buy her a new car.   

As she ranted about it, I retold a story I tell my children often, from a mega SEO guru.  This tale seemed relevant as I was recounting the story of “Bill” and how he was raised as an entrepreneur since childhood.

His story went something like this.  

When Bill was about 8 or 9, his dad pulled him aside and started discussing how he was going to make “a living.”  Even as a child, Bill was now responsible for earning an income.  His dad told him that he would still get birthday and Christmas presents, but if he wanted anything else during the rest of the year, he would have to earn it himself.  

Another condition of his new career status was that he could never work for someone else to earn money.  He had to always be the owner of his own company.

Bill went through a series of business ventures from that day that he developed and ran as he graduated up to the next one.  My favorite part was when Bill started a DJ service before he could even drive! His mom had to take him to these gigs at area high schools.  

Imagine a super cool high school junior’s face when he finds out the DJ he hired for the prom is some little kid! Priceless…

Bill took his profits and bought more equipment and hired older kids with driver’s licenses to work FOR HIM so he could have multiple gigs going on at the time to leverage and grow his business.

It was no accident that Bill is as successful as he is today as an adult.  He has been doing this his whole life.  He learned if he wanted something, he had to DO something.  

And he learned how to grow from previous experience and success to take the next venture to the next level.

The second I ended my story, my teenager family member and her grandmother (who was guilty of spoiling this child beyond belief) rattled off a 100 reason why she couldn’t do this, also.  

“She doesn’t like to DJ.”

“It won’t work in my town.”

“I don’t have time to driver her to jobs”

And it didn’t stop for 15 minutes.

I couldn’t hold my tongue.  How can they so quickly discount something positive and slip into “Excuse Mode” so easily?

Why Entrepreneurs Will Always Rule the World

Entrepreneurs are a hardy breed.  I find often they are like salmon: they’re the ones swimming up stream while everyone else is floating down stream all fat and sassy.

Entrepreneurs are always looking at the situation and don’t announce the obvious problem, but rather have a plan to overcome the obstacles and turn it into a business.

Entrepreneurs are the grease and the gears that keep this country running.

Private practice dentists are entrepreneurs who are challenging themselves each day to the struggles of not only providing patient care, but also developing and growing a successful practice.  

Dental practices are like a 3 ring circus and the dentist/owner is the ringmaster in charge of captivating the audience, controlling the chaos, and make sure the train pulls out on time and with a positive profit.

So many people rely on others for their success instead of creating their own future.  I personally couldn’t imagine a sadder existence.

And it might be a good time to mention that my extended family I was talking about earlier… 

They all work for the government!

 Figures, right???