Finding Your Patient Sweet Spot


[March 13th, 2020] by Dr. Ginger Bratzel

Episode #8:  [Finding Your Patient Sweet Spot]

Who’s your ideal patient…
That’s your sweet spot!

Where do they live?

What do they do?

How many kids do they have?

How much do they earn a year?

Okay, now for the ‘real questions.’

What are their core family values?

What is their biggest fear?

Do they prefer mayo or mustard on their sandwiches?

Seems silly but in reality, there are so many things that make up our choices that if you only focus on the superficial, you will never connect with your ideal patient.

When I ask most dentists who their ideal patients are, they will tell me things like full mouth reconstruction or cosmetic services.  While these are fantastic services, the competition to attract these types of patients is HIGH.


Wonder if I told you there are groups of willing patients that are currently being totally underserved?  And what if I also told you that this is a financially lucrative market?

On today’s podcast episode of “Dental Mental” I introduce you to another one of my clients, Cindi Davison.  And she is NOT a dentist!

Cindi is an expert in finding underserved markets and knows how to turn it into a very successful service business.  I’ve been working with her for several months to 10X her business this year and she’s DOING IT in real estate!

Let me be upfront, this is not some scheme to get you to invest in real estate as a side hustle.  We aren’t even talking about that at all.

Instead, listen to how she determined who her ideal customer is (and no one else was serving them) so that we could build a business and a marketing message so perfect that Cindi is the only person they would even consider talking through.

You should be doing the same process in your dental practice, too.

Listen in to this episode and think outside the box!

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