Part 2 of Interview with Dr. Kelly Brown


[March 6th, 2020] by Dr. Ginger Bratzel

Episode #6:  [Part 2 of Interview with Dr. Kelly Brown]

Last week I shared in an interview with Dr. Kelly Brown at our recent private Mastermind and Coaching event.

This is the ONLY place I work privately with dental offices on implementing the key systems that increase their new patients, keeps more patients, and increases their case conversion. (If you are interested in one of the few spots, we make available for this program, contact my team at

Kelly is one of my private clients that I coach also, and he was generous to share his insight on the role that leadership has played in his office.  This culture is key from the top of the company down to each person.  He has been able to leverage himself to do more good things in the world.

We continued our unfiltered conversation.

Topics included finding team members (you think it’s hard for you- Kelly has 122 employees), what limits the success of a practice, and how to invest in yourself.

Nothing was off-limits, so I asked the hard questions for you.

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