Interview with Dr. Kelly Brown


[February 28th, 2020] by Dr. Ginger Bratzel

Episode #6:  [Interview with Dr. Kelly Brown]

At one of my recent coaching days for my private clients, I asked someone that I know is a Master of building practices and being successful to come in.
Dr. Kelly Brown of Custom Dental

Kelly is honest, approachable, and straight forward.  Those traits are in his DNA.  And he really invests in people which in turn means they turn around and believe in him and his dream.

I’ve had the unique honor of working in and with his company, Custom Dental, so I’ve seen it from several angles.  Plus Kelly and I have heavy conversations about playing a bigger game in your business and personal life.

He hasn’t always had a thriving business and is honest about his journey.

This is a rough and unfiltered conversation.  Nothing was off-limits during this conversation, so I asked the hard questions.

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